Now page is inspired by Derek Sivers.

Tech and Development

  • Working on a small web game, still secret. Sharping my Javascript skills.
  • Working on ush, a simple webserver, in Haskell.
  • Working on a small Android app to add color frame to photos that I can post on social media. I know there’s a plethora of apps that do exactly that, but the one I really liked using is not supported anymore, so I decided to create my own with Flutter. Will probably release that for free with ads when it’s ready.
  • Practicing a lot my neovim skills (with NVChad) lately, mostly using it as my main editor outside work (where I use Visual Studio).


My recent obssesion with photography is an experiment I’m doing with a full-spectrum camera (that captures ultra-violet and infra-red light along with the visible spectrum) and a wide lens. Especially on sunny days, it can capture really interesting images such as this:

Infrared Summer

Infrared Summer

I think it makes for such a surreal imagery with colors that pop unnaturally. The constrast of the bright blue sky with the pink-ish tones of the infrared light reflecting off from pretty all clothes make me really happy. I’m planning to capture with it all summer and then make a zine after it, and I’m calling it Infrared Summer.


I’m working on a music project. Writing, recording and producing some instrumental music (mostly guitar, bass, drums and synth), I hope to release digitally as an EP or a short Album by the end of this year.

Last edit: 26-06-2024