Hi. I’m a video game programmer originally from São Paulo, Brazil, but based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Currently working as an Audio Programmer for Ubisoft Düsseldorf, I have several years of experience with games. Some of the titles I worked on were Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, XDefiant, Angest, Rock&Rails, Conflict0: Shattered and Jake ’n Tess: Finding Monsters.

Most of my years working as a Gameplay Programmer were using Unity3D and C# or C++ with custom engines, but I also worked with a lot different technologies both at work and for personal projects. I would consider myself as a generalist, since I love learning different stuff.

One of my current personal projects is a toy game engine: annileen. I have also made some cool experiments such as rendering DOOM with emojis, a clone of the classic 2048 game that runs on the bootsector, a Wordle clone for DOS written in x86 asm, a gameboy emulator and several small games.

Here you can check what I’m currently doing in /now, or more Things I’ve Made, or you can play my games at itch.io, check all my available open source code at GitHub, see the cool generative art shaders at Shadertoy, see my photos on Instagram or Flickr and maybe follow me on X/Twitter or Mastodon, where I usually talk about all this stuff.

This blog is where I write about tech, programming, photography or just rambles about random stuff. My website bruno.croci.me is a hub for all my platforms. More about my professional life is available through Linkedin.