Things I've Made

A page to show off some of the things I’ve made. I try to keep it updated with the new stuff, but also consider removing items whenever I feel like. Inspired by Mary Rose Cook.


  • annileen: a multiplatform 3d game engine, written in C++ with bgfx. Still in development.

Game Jam Games

  • SpaceLord X: A game made for the Ludum Dare 51 (2022), inspired by the Atari classic SpaceMaster X-7.
  • Spacebar Clicker: Simple clicker game made for the #js13kgames 2021. Fun fact: it’s my most played game ever. Every now and then I get message from someone asking me to update it.
  • Mitosis Project: Puzzle FPS game with telekinesis mechanic. Made for the Global Game Jam 2020.
  • Prior Catarsis: A psychedelic infinite runner kinda experience. Made for GameJam+ 2019. I liked this one because all the graphics are made in a single fragment shader with SDF.
  • Anthority: Ant colony simulation game. Made for #js13kgames 2017.
  • Phosphorus Dating: A dating system simulation game, you have to match people together. Made for the #js13kgames 2016. I wrote a Postmortem about this game here.

Game Clones

Fun Experiments

Creative Coding

ShaderToy shaders