Recent Posts

  1. Creating a GameBoy Emulator - Part 1

    Let's create a GameBoy emulator in C.

  2. Programming Fulfillment

    Programmers can get hooked on by problems and keep on it until they finally find the correct solution, no matter what.

  3. Postmortem: Phosphorus Dating

    A quick postmortem of Phosphorus Dating, an awarded dating simulation game created for JS13K competition.

  4. Some tips on Game Jams

    How to get the best out of a Game Jam

  5. Project Organization in Finding Monsters Adventures

    How the version control, branch model and development was done in Finding Monsters Adventures

  6. The path to be a Unity3D Rockstar - Part 1

    First part of a small series of tips on how to be a Rockstar on Unity3D

  7. Android Development Adventures

    I was struggling with the right tool to write an app for Android, but finally I decided to go for the native Android ...

  8. Haskell, Lambda Calculus and Functional Programming

    After struggling with Functional Programming, finally I got into it. Some tips on how to start learning it.

  9. Novo blog

    Resolvi iniciar um blog novo para postar alguns code-reviews que tenho vontade de fazer.Inicialmente a ideia era cria...